A Rain elements Copper Roof Drainage System is the top-of-the line rain management system available.

Your pure copper roof drainage system will last a lifetime and add value and distinction to your home. Copper has low chemical reactivity and in moist air it slowly forms a patina coating. This coating protects the metal from further corrosive attacks and becomes more and more beautiful with age.

100 years I Gauge: 24 I Tensile: 70 I Purity: 99.9% I Warranty: 15 years

280mm (5") & 333mm (6") / Downpipes: 80mm (3 1/8") & 100mm (4")

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Our copper eavestrough system is comprised of the following precisely engineered components...


01. End Cap with rubber seal
02. Eavestrough Hook
03. Eavestrough
04. Outlet
05. Eavestrough Connector
06. Corners (inside or outside)
07. Mini outlet for soldering
08. Elbow 72°
09. Downpipe Junction
10. Downpipe
11. Elbow 40°
12. S-Curve
13. Pipe Cover
14. Downpipe Connector
15. Leaf Clean Out Pipe
16. Bracket for Downpipe
17. Collector Box
18. 2 part Adjustable Fascia Hanger

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