A Rainelements coated steel half-round eavestrough system

Our coated steel drainage systems are first galvanized and then electrostatically powder coated, providing extreme durability. The powder coating process is specifically designed for outdoors and has outstanding UV resistance with a beautifully smooth finish.

75 years I Gauge: 24 I Tensile: 250 I Purity: 97+% I Warranty: 15 years

280mm (5") / Downpipes: 80mm (3 1/8") & 100mm (4")

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Our coated steel eavestrough systems are comprised of the following precisely engineered components and are available in a wide range of colours...

01. End Cap with rubber seal
02. Eavestrough Hook
03. 2 part Adjustable Fascia Hanger
04. Eavestrough
05. Outlet
06. Leaf Shield - Available in black and galvanized only
07. Leaf Shield Corners (inside or outside) - Available in black and galvanized only
08. Eavestrough Connector
09. 90° Corners (inside or outside)
10. 135° Corners (inside or outside) - Available in coated steel and galvanized steel only
11. Telescopic Elbow - Available in black, brown and grey only
12. Elbow 72°
13. Downpipe Junction
14. Downpipe
15. Bracket for Downpipe
16. Elbow 40°
17. Downpipe Connector
18. Leaf Clean Out Pipe
19. S-Curve
20. Pipe Cover
21. Strainer - Available in black and galvanized steel only
22. Collector Box
23. Narrow Collector Box - Available in galvanized steel only

Rainelements Coated Steel components are stocked in WHITE, SILVER, BLACK, GREY, BROWN and ANTHRACITE

Colour chart

Trying to match a flashing or trim colour?
We can powder-coat any of our eavestroughs, downpipes or components to fit perfectly with your home’s colour scheme. Note, custom powder-coating orders require up to 3 weeks delivery time. Call us for a quote.  

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