Premium Gutters With A European Finish

Rainelements’ European partner, The Zambelli Group, manufactures roof drainage systems in Europe using metalworking processes acquired from decades of experience. Specializing in half round gutters and round downpipes in copper, coated steel and galvanized steel, The Zambelli Group and Rainelements have formed a strong partnership to service Canada's premium half round eavestrough, gutter and round downpipe market. Zambelli's advanced manufacturing techniques – applied to premium elements like copper, coated steel and galvanized steel – result in a higher standard of product.

Whether you are a DIY, a contractor, an installer or a designer, Rainelements services all of Canada with efficient and professional service.

Easy installation and maximum durability
Quick assembly is made possible by innovative product alternatives with plug-in and clamping connections – sparing you the need for time-consuming and complex riveting and soldering. Assembly is consistently simple because exact dimensional stability of diameter and degree value is guaranteed by patented manufacturing processes.

Complete systems with precisely engineered components are available in each of the elements below. 

A new standard in rain management

Fine European technology and craftsmanship with local service and support

Rainelements stocks all our europen gutter components in Surrey B.C. and we are ready to fill almost any order within days. Our attention is on service and support and we reply to all inquiries and requests for estimates within 24 hours.

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For years Canadian construction and design standards have been increasing. Now, Canada finally has easy access to an everlasting, stylish rain management system that compliments our progressive designs. Rainelements systems last a lifetime and add value and distinction to any home or building.

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