Rainelements’ European partner, the Zambelli Group, manufactures gutter and eavestrough systems in Europe…

Looking for high-quality gutters and eavestroughs? Rainelements partners with The Zambelli Group, a European manufacturer of premium half-round eavestrough, gutter, and round downpipe systems in copper, coated steel, and galvanized steel. The Zambelli Group's advanced metalworking techniques and decades of experience are behind the highest quality product for the Canadian market.

Whether you are a contractor, installer, DIY enthusiast or designer, Rainelements offers efficient and professional service for all your gutter and eavestrough needs. Our products are easy to install and ultra-durable, thanks to innovative plug-in and clamping connections that eliminate the need for complex riveting and soldering. Precisely engineered components ensure exact dimensional stability and consistent, simple assembly.

Choose from a range of complete system options to find the best fit for your gutters and eavestroughs. Trust Rainelements and The Zambelli Group to provide top-quality products and service.

Complete systems with precisely engineered components are available in each of the elements below. 


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A new standard in rain management

Fine European technology and craftsmanship with local service and support

Rainelements stocks all our europen gutter components in B.C. and we are ready to fill almost any order within days. Our attention is on service and support and we reply to all inquiries and requests for estimates within 24 hours.

Rainelements and Zambelli

For years Canadian construction and design standards have been increasing. Now, Canada finally has easy access to an everlasting, stylish rain management system that compliments our progressive designs. Rainelements systems last a lifetime and add value and distinction to any home or building.

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Quality Manufacturing

Quality Manufacturing

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